Ecological Footprints of MEDCs and LEDCs pg 197

  1. The high per capita grain production in North America suggests that the diet is rich in meat and it is less healthy than the African diet. This also due to the high demand.
  2. The local grain productivity suggests that the method used in Africa is more effective than the one used in North America. This is due to the massively high number of grain productivity in Africa compared to the one in North America.
  3. North America is more dependent on fossil fuels than Africa. This is due to the high difference in Per capita CO2 emissions from fossil fuels in which North America surpasses Africa by 1300 kg C per year-1.
  4. The difference in Net carbon dioxide fixation is present between these two continents because North America contains many MEDC that are based on industry and use large amounts of carbon dioxide, while Africa contains more LEDC that are mainly agriculturally based economies and use a lot less carbon dioxide.
  5. Ecological footprint is based on population size and the consumption per capita. In LEDC the population starts out high due to the high birth rate, and then lowers exponentially due to the high death rate caused by famine and disease that are directly correlated to the low per capita consumption. In MEDC the population size is higher than in LEDC and in result the ecological footprint is higher. Although one might suppose that the LEDC have higher ecological footprints do to the agriculture based economy and the large amount of open land, it is wrong because the MEDC fill up the open land with industries which means that they automatically have a higher amount of resource use.
  6. This is completely normal because as stated above, ecological footprint is solely based on population size and consumption per capita. If this is to be true about Singapore, it means that they have a high population size, and as a developing country, must have a high amount of consumption per capita.
  7. This change will affect the ecological footprint by lowering it. This is true because there will be more vast areas of land, and fewer resources will be utilized.


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