Exploiting the Poles Rdg Log

1. Discuss the reasons for the absence of an Arctic Treaty.

The Arctic Treaty is absent because unlike Antartica, the Arctic has minerals that are worth trillions of dollars. With the world that we live in today, that is solely based on money, countries would never agree to give up such a valuable piece of land. Also, Denmark and other countries have been sending scientists on scientific expeditions to see if the Arctic is actually part of Greenland, and if they find proof that it is, then it will automatically be considered as Danish territory.

2. Suggest who would own the oceans.

Due to the oceans being frozen for most of the year, humans are not able to make use of the Arctic minerals. In that case, it is more about who owns the Arctic land than who owns its oceans. With that said if the Arctic is found to be Danish territory then the owner of the land will probably own the oceans leading up to the Arctic, which in this case is Denmark.

3. Identify who should regulate human exploitation of the oceans.

Human exploitation of the oceans should be regulated by the United Nations. This is so, due to safety and to prevent any disagreement between nations. Concerning the subject of safety, the UN should regulate these exploitations because during most of the year the conditions of the oceans leading up to the Arctic are very harsh, and can be deadly for most of the people that are going to be exploiting them. Also, disagreement between nations is really probable due to what is in stake, but it is also very dangerous because it can lead to war between these nations and also an environmental disaster might occur especially concerning a valuable and somewhat unstable environment such as the Arctic.

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